Michelle Erickson, Owner of 4-Paws Inn, has been involved with animals all her life.  She started in 4-H as a young girl and raised Irish Setters and showed them in conformation & obedience.  She left Iowa for a while and worked as an Aquatic Director in Dallas, Texas.  Michelle came back to Iowa, met and married Allen Erickson.  Michelle believes in continuing education and has gone to countless seminars to educate herself with the pet world.  She is a life time member of The International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, and also has a life time membership to The Pet Care Service.  She has been studying Canine Behaviorist for the last few years and has had lots of hands on with different breeds.
She has also worked and gone to seminars to visit with some of the top Veterinaries in the country.  This has all led her to a dream come true... "4-Paws Inn"!


Erica Erickson is our Head Groomer here at 4-Paws Inn.  She has been going to LaBest Aacamdy of Animal Arts and has so far received her DermaTech Specialist and Animal behaviorist.  She will be completing her Masters by Fall of 2015.  Erica is also competing for a spot on the United States Groom Team and hopes to be a part of the team in 2017.   Pets have always been a big part of her life at home and in the show world of dogs.  Erica has been a top winning Jr. Hander in the AKC ring.  She has shown in the National Dog Shows and has been a handler at the American Pet Registers for their  Top Dog Champions and won.  Erica has shown for other breeders and made many Champions.  She has worked for some of the top handlers in the country and groomed some of those dogs you may have seen on T.V.  Welcome Erica!


We hope your pet can come visit and be apart of our dream!
Thank you!
Michelle Erickson
4-Paws Inn



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